Adult Learning Center 

Volunteer Photos 

  Meet some of the current and past volunteers. 

Frank Padula - VP/Word Course Manager/Past President

Marshall Dean -Treas.

Miriam DePriest - Past President

George Fuller - Manual Coordinator and Course Manager

Helen Reese - Past Secretary

Tony Cobourn - Memior Course Manager/Past President

Brian Perry - Past Treasurer


Bill Buttrick - Course Coordinator/Internet and Email Course Manager

J C Campbell

Don Hogan - Volunteer Coordinator and Course Manager - Past President

Emory Reese

Joan Rush

Gene Staton

Jack Thompson - Introduction to Excel Course Manager/Coach Coordinator

Anne Marie Tilly - Fundamentals/Anti Virus Strategies and Typing Course Manager

Kathy Hale

Jim Fenner

Marilyn Blatt-Fenner

Oscar Groff - Special Students

Jan Briere-Groff

Diane Worden

Marge DeBenedetto

Joan Pomeroy

Sally White

Barbara McGowan

David Glodowski - Photoshop Instructor

Norma Taulet-Ball

Donna Crouse

Bill Startt Quicken

Will Christopher - Lab

Tom Frazee - Powerpoint

Bob Haskins

Robin Chalk

Hazel Sturdivant

Don Farrell

Donna McGriff

Harold Bannister

Stuart Hauser

Tom Ivan

Bob Nelson - Former Lab Coordinator and "Jack of all Trades" passed away in 2010.

Jerry Moore - Past President passed away in 2011

David Printz - passed away in 2012

Howard Goldmacher - Past Secretary - Passed away June 2015

Don Thompson - Geneology - Passed away Nov. 2015

Carroll Meyers - Secretary, Passed away October 2017

John Rittenburg - Past Treasurer/Windows Passed away December 2017

Pictures from a Volunteer Lunch