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Course Descriptions

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Computer Fundamentals is the beginning level SeniorNet course. You will learn how to properly start and shut down a computer, how to use a mouse, how to use a keyboard, how to open, close and use simple programs commonly found on most computers, and how to use a simple email program called Generations Online, which is available on computers at the library.  Students who take this course should be able to read a manual and a computer screen, should be able to hear a teacher in a classroom setting, and should be willing to try something new.  Course manual  included.  Ages 50 & up, age on date of class.  

Fee: $25 per person 

Computers for the Terrified

If you realize that computers are used in all facets of daily life and are curious as to how to use one, but are terrified to try, then this workshop is for you!  Let our volunteers show you that anyone can do it!  In this two-hour workshop, students will discuss their fears about computer use, learn basic information about the computer, and practice turning the computer on, opening and closing programs, and turning the computer off.  Workshop manual provided.  Ages 50 & up, age on date of class. 


Fee: $10 per person


Introduction to the Internet and Email

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the Internet and the fundamentals of using Email. Included are the basic skills needed to correspond with friends and family using Email, navigating around the Web and searching for information of interest. Students will also obtain experience in sharing their ideas and support with others via Internet discussions, chat or Email groups. Some topics include: Introduction to the Internet and Browser Basics, using email, chat and instant messaging, organizing your browser, saving and downloading files, understanding security, privacy and on-line commerce, viruses, anti-virus programs and more. The exercises in this course are primarily based on Internet Explorer and SeniorNet Email. Students should be comfortable and experienced in using a personal computer, interested in communicating via email, and have a personal computer at home. Course Manual included.

Fee: $25 per person 


This course is appropriate for those that are considering a digital camera and those that have a digital camera and want to take advantage of its capabilities.  We will cover when digital cameras were developed and why, cover the difference between digital and film cameras.  We will discuss why digital cameras are so popular and cover what to consider if you are going to buy one.  The course will show the student how to prepare and use a digital camera, covering the basic functions of the camera and how pictures are taken.  Time will be devoted to how images are played back on the camera, your computer, and television, as well as the printing of images.  We will cover in-depth connecting the camera to a computer, installing software, downloading images directly from the camera and downloading images from a memory card using a card reader.  Two of the sessions will be practical labs where we will put into practice what we have previously discussed..

Fee: $25 per person