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The City of Roswell Recreation and Parks Division began computer classes at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center in January 2001. The City of Roswell provided the facility and the adult volunteers.

Roswell area residents who volunteered to organize and support this Learning Center, began working on this project in November 2000. Committees were formed including: Curriculum, Instruction, Lab, Finance, and Web site. John Gordon was appointed coordinator.

Computer classes began January 2001 at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center located at 830 Grimes Bridge Road, Roswell, Georgia 30075 (770.641.3950). Initially four classes were offered. All classes were Introduction to Computers offered for eight weeks. Each class instructed 10 students. An open computer lab with coaches and instructors was available every week on Wednesday between 1 - 4 pm during class sessions (it has been moved to Friday afternoon). Classes have grown from these initial 40 students to average about 300 students each year.

The Roswell Adult Learning Center continues to offer classes and workshops on a variety of topics, including Excel, Word Processing, Internet and E-Mail, photo editing programs, the Windows operating system, and keyboarding/typing. Additional workshops are offered for several other topics.


Refer to the full schedule for class and meeting dates.

To offer a variety of classes, we depend on the dedication of our volunteers. If you have an interest in helping our senior community become computer literate to enjoy the freedom and knowledge that computers can provide, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Job Descriptions

Roswell Learning Center
Volunteer Job Descriptions

President: Frank Padula
  1. The President works with volunteers and Recreation Center staff to maintain and update the Roswell Adult Learning Center program.
  2. The President upholds and maintains the bylaws of Roswell Adult Learning Center.
  3. The President schedules and conducts a Volunteer Meeting prior to each class semester.
  4. The President schedules and conducts an Executive Committee meeting coordinating with the volunteer meeting at the start of each class semester.
  5. The President monitors the contents of the web site and works with the Webmaster to keep the web site current.
  6. The President functions as the class scheduler.
  7. The Class Scheduler solicits input from the Executive Committee and volunteers, and then creates the class schedule.
  8. The Class Scheduler works with the Recreation Coordinator to prepare the schedule for publishing in a timely manner.
  9. Upon completion of the schedule, the Class Scheduler provides the schedule to the Webmaster, and the Instructor/Coach Coordinator. A copy is also posted on the RSLC bulletin board, and multiple copies are placed in the appropriate classroom cubby.
  10. Upon completion of the schedule, the CS prepares a class registration sheet for each course being offered, places it in the registration book in the office, and removes old material that is no longer relevant.
  11. The President prepares the meeting and class calendar for the coming year. The schedule should cover 13 months.
  12. The President appoints a three person audit committee to audit the financial statements of the previous calendar year. The audit to be completed by March 31st of the following year.

Elizabeth Harris 
  1. The Vice President attends all Executive Committee and General Membership meetings, fills in for the President in his/her absence, takes over duties of the President if that office is vacated for any reason, and undertakes other responsibilities as assigned by the President
Treasurer: Marshall Dean
  1. The Treasurer receives all money and pays all bills.
    • The Treasurer deposits receipts into and maintains the organization's checking account. The Treasurer pays the City of Roswell the appropriate fees, pays for the printing of the manuals and other necessary supplies, equipment or repairs, and reimburses volunteers for appropriate expenses.
  2. The Treasurer provides regular financial reports to the membership and the Recreation Program Coordinator.
  3. The Treasurer attends all Executive Committee meetings.
  4. The Treasurer keeps records of all transactions.
    • Transactions include but are not limited to checking account records and student registration data. Registration information includes student name, date paid, check number, check deposit date, class date, enrollment form copy and check copy.
  5. The Treasurer functions as the registrar for classes.
  6. The treasurer sends an electronic copy of class registrations to the Volunteer Coordinator at the end of each registration period.
  7. The Treasurer follows the operating procedures as described in the SOP document.

Secretary: Open
The Secretary will:
  1. The Secretary takes minutes at Executive Committee and Volunteer meetings.
  2. The Secretary forwards a copy of meeting minutes to the Webmaster for publication and to the Recreation Program Coordinator for her records.
  3. The Secretary conducts general correspondence for the organization.
  4. The Secretary conducts meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Curriculum Development Coordinator Bill Buttrick

  1. The Curriculum Development Coordinator gathers feedback from students, staff and the community regarding course interest, ideas for new courses, and ways to improve current courses.
    • This gathering of feedback should include (but not necessarily be limited to) updating the student feedback form when necessary, collecting the completed forms at the end of each class session, summarizing the data, sharing it with the class staff and executive committee, and ensuring that the Recreation Center Coordinator ultimately gets the completed forms.
  2. Based on feedback, the CDC will recommend new courses or programs to the Executive Committee.
  3. The CDC and the Executive Committee will recruit members to become course managers of recommended new courses or programs.
  4. When appropriate, the CDC will assist new course managers to prepare new courses for implementation.
  5. When appropriate, the CDC will assist current course managers to update current courses.

Manual Coordinator/Technology Staff George Fuller

  1. The Manual Coordinator provides the membership with manuals in a timely manner.
    • The Manual Coordinator, working with the Treasurer and Recreation Coordinator, finds and maintains a relationship with a printing service provider. The printing service should be reasonably priced and provide a quality product.
    • The Manual Coordinator provides manual preparation guidelines and a printing request form to the Course Managers. Email reminders are sent to Course Managers regarding the due date of the request form. The information on the request forms is then used to place the print order with the provider.
    • The Manual Coordinator arranges for pick-up or delivery of the manuals. When the order arrives, the MC verifies that the order is correct, that the charge is correct, shelves the manuals, notifies the Executive Committee that the manuals are in, and gives the invoice to the Treasurer for payment.
  2. The Manual Coordinator promotes manual quality and uniformity, and advises Course Managers and the Curriculum Development Coordinator with regard to development and revisions of manuals.


Instructor/Coach Coordinator Open

  1. The Instructor/Coach Coordinator recruits appropriate instructor and coach staff for each class.
  2. The Instructor/Coach Coordinator creates a roster of teaching staff each session.
  3. The Instructor/Coach Coordinator submits the staff roster to the Webmaster for publication and post it on the Adult Learning Center bulletin board each session.
  4. The Instructor/Coach Coordinator attends the Orientation each session to help explain the staffing process to new volunteers.


Volunteer Coordinator Don Hogan

  1. The Volunteer Coordinator updates volunteer registration forms and provides copies for the classroom cubby, the webmaster, the Recreation Center Office, and to potential volunteers.
  2. The VC collects the volunteer forms and contacts each new volunteer.
    • The VC briefly describes the program, arranges for completion of the registration form (if not already completed), confirms the volunteer's interests and time commitment, provides the website address and the names and email addresses of the Instructor/Coach Coordinator and the Orientation Coordinator.
  3. The VC communicates the new volunteer information to the Webmaster, the Orientation Coordinator, the Instructor/Coach Coordinator, and any other appropriate member, based on the volunteer's interests.
  4. The VC attends the Volunteer Orientation.
  5. The VC maintains an updated list of active volunteers, and submits quarterly updates to the Webmaster.

Orientation Coordinator Don Hogan

  1. The Orientation Coordinator will present an orientation program for new volunteers and active volunteers who have not yet attended an orientation.
    • The Orientation program is held prior to the volunteer meeting as necessary.
  2. The Orientation Coordinator works with the Volunteer Coordinator and Instructor/Coach Coordinator to identify new volunteers and those who have never attended, and invites them to a meeting via email about a month before the scheduled orientation.
    • About a week before the orientation, another invitation is issued to non-responders and any recent volunteers
  3. The Orientation Coordinator maintains a record of those who have attended an orientation.
  4. The Orientation Coordinator presents new volunteers at the volunteer meeting.


Publicity Coordinator Open

  1. The Publicity Coordinator works to inform the public and Adult Recreation Center users about the Roswell Adult Learning Center program and the courses offered by Roswell Adult Learning Center.
    Special, focused publicity should be given for courses or workshops not mentioned in the Recreation Brochure.
  2. Responsible for the promotion of upcoming classes on the two bulletin boards outside the classroom.



Lab Coordinator Will Christopher

  1. The Lab Coordinator maintains guidelines for the efficient management of open labs, and handles problems that may arise.
  2. The Lab Coordinator recruits volunteers to staff open labs. 
  3. The Lab Coordinator provides the Curriculum Committee with a copy of the list of weekly lab attendees at the end of each quarter.



Media maker: Jack Mainprize

  1. Two weeks prior to the start of classes, the media maker ensures that there is an adequate supply of recording media.
    Purchases are reimbursed by submitting a receipt to the Treasurer.
  2. Two weeks prior to the start of classes, the media maker collects the master student files for each class, creates the appropriate number of student media for each class being offered, shelves the media by course, and returns the masters to the file cabinet.
  3. Before the beginning of a new session the media maker copies the registration book class roster and places it on the appropriate shelf in the cabinet.

Class Prep Coordinator Open

  1. Two weeks prior to each class session, the Class Prep Coordinator readies the room for classes, with attention to supplies, cleanliness, and neatness.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator ensures that each class shelf has an appropriate number of mid-term evaluation forms and feedback forms.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator removes extraneous materials from the class shelf, from the back table and cubbies, and from the student and instructor tables.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator restocks any appropriate handouts or materials needed in the cubbies or supply shelves.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator cleans the monitors, computer and printer tops, mice, and table tops with an appropriate cleaner.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator launders the wrist supports and places a clean one at each mouse.
    • The Class Prep Coordinator fills the printers with paper.

Course Managers

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Frank Padula - Word Processing courses, Windows Tips & Tricks


Bill Buttrick - Introduction to Internet and Email



Don Hogan - Dropbox, Reentering the workforce


Stan Clay - Introduction to Digital Camera


Debra Duggan   - Introduction to Power Point & Outlook


Jack Bolton -  Genealogy & Family History

Tom Ivan - Computer Basic 101  

  1. The Course Manager takes responsibility for the course, including its development (if it is a new offering) and updating.
    • The Course Manager consults with the Curriculum Development Coordinator and the Manual Coordinator to develop the course, and the Class Schedule Coordinator to schedule it.
    • The Course Manager solicits input from the teaching staff when updating the course.
  2. The Course Manager teaches the course at least once per year, and mentors the teaching staff as necessary.
  3. The Course Manager is familiar with the printing guidelines, prepares the appropriate printing and student file masters, and submits the manual request form to the Manual Coordinator in a timely manner.



     Technology Staff George Fuller &  Don Hogan

  1. The Technology Coordinator loads appropriate software onto the PCs.
  2. The TC maintains a standard configuration on all PCs
  3. The TC receives reports of equipment malfunction and makes repairs.
    The TC works recruits a committee to assist with the above functions as necessary.
  4. The TC reports quarterly to the membership regarding the system status.

Webmaster Staff Don Hogan

  1. The Webmaster maintains and updates the Roswell Adult Learning Center Website.
    • Postings that are updated quarterly include announcements, Executive and Volunteer Meeting minutes, the volunteer list, the class schedule, and the instructors and coaches listing for the current quarter.

Executive Committee

  1. The governing body of the Learning Center shall be the Executive Committee.  Voting members of the Executive Committee are the elected officers and the immediate past president, the Curriculum Coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator, the Technical Coordinator and an At Large member appointed by the Executive Committee.  A representative of the Roswell Adult Recreation Center Staff, the Program Coordinator, shall be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Executive Committee meets once per quarter, in coordination with the Volunteer Meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee determines policies, makes all recommendations and decisions as to plans and expenses, and establishes committees.

Current Executive Committee

Frank Padula, President: PRES@ROSWELLALC.ORG
Elizabeth Harris, Vice-President: VP@ROSWELLALC.ORG  
Marshall Dean,Treasurer: Treasurer@ROSWELLALC.ORG  
, Secretary: Secretary@ROSWELLALC.ORG  
George Buttrick:
George Fuller:
Don Hogan:
Jack Mainprize
Mary Rummell: