Adult Learning Center 

Roswell Adult Learning Center Procedures

  Roswell Adult Learning Center Procedures

General Procedures

 1.  Name tags

The Saturday before the Quarter starts Otto Moehrbach comes in and makes name tags for all registered students for all classes. Instructors and coaches should be aware that if a student registers for a class after that Saturday, there will be no name tag for them. The instructor or coach can make a hand printed one at class time or not. Blank name tags and holders are in the cabinet in back of the computer room.

2.         Flash-drives
On the Saturday before the quarter starts Otto will generate flash-drives for the number of students in each class plus a few extras for late registration and coaches. The flash-drives will contain the student exercises for each class that the instructor for that class has provided to Otto. If the instructor has not provided exercises to Otto, no flash-drive will be made. Otto currently makes flash-drives for the following classes:

a)       Computer Basic 102

b)       Excel Day

c)       Excel Evening

d)       Internet & Email

e)       PowerPoint

f)        Word 2010 Foundation

g)       Word 2010 Intermediate

3.   Manuals
A couple of weeks before the quarter starts, George Fuller will send out a request to all Instructors on his list, asking for the number of manuals needed for the coming quarter.  Note the following for this to work properly:

a)       George will have the manuals printed. It is recommended that George handle all manual printing requirements.

b)       If changes to the previous manual have been made or a new manual is required, a copy of the updated or new manual must be sent to George.

c)       The instructor must provide the number of copies required. They should consider the number of manuals already printed and still available from the previous quarter in their count.

d)       If previous manuals are obsolete, the instructor should remove them from the storage cabinet or let George know that they can be removed/deleted from use.

e)       Current manuals are kept in a locked file cabinet in front of the computer room. The ARC Office has a key that the instructor can ask for to get manuals out.

 4.      Course Managers;

Every classes has a course manager. It may not be the instructor for the class. There is a listing of the Course Managers on the web at All modifications to the course curriculum should be approved by the appropriate manager.

 5.      Computer Requirements and modifications:

Instructors need to notify Don Hogan and/or George Fuller of any new computer requirements or modifications required for their class. These updates are normally made in between quarters. If you wait until the last minute to request changes, you may not get them in time for your class.

6.      Computer Problems:

Don Hogan or George Fuller must be notified of any computer problems experienced by the instructors.

 7.      Food and Drink in the Computer room:

Food or drinks are not allowed in the classroom unless there is a medical reason.

8.   Printing.

All of the computer terminals are connected to a printer. They are available for printing a reasonable number of pages.

 9.   New Courses.

 New courses will need to be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the President. A detail description of the course and a manual/handouts for the course needs to be provided. It should also be noted that all new courses should be tested on the classroom computers prior to teaching a class. We cannot guarantee that material that works on a home computer will work in the classroom.

 10.  Cancelling a Class: Normally it is up to the instructor to decide if a class will be cancelled. This should be done the day before or the day the class is scheduled to starts. If there is only one, two and sometimes three the instructor will cancel the class by notifying the ARC front office (770-641-3950). ARC will notify the students which have signed up. The Instructor should notify the coaches.

11.   Need for a substitute teacher or coach for a class or two.

a)       Notify Jack Thompson of your requirements

b)       Jack will send out a notice to all volunteers asking for a substitute teacher or coach