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Computer Basics 101 (8 Wks.) Fee: $45

Does sitting at a computer scare you?  Has it been so long you just don’t feel like trying to start up the computer?  This class is for you.  We will start with how to turn on the computer, the use of the mouse, how to get around the computer, how to create, store and print documents, how to get into and use the Internet, and create and use your personal email account.


 Computer Basics 102 (8 Wks.) Fee: $45

This course is for users that would like to expand their knowledge of a computer that runs the Microsoft system. It includes information on computing terms, the Desktop, various devices, operating systems and software, networking and internet basics, data, security, customizing, printing, and working with folders and files.   


Clean My Computer? (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Is your computer slow and getting slower? Do you know how to clean your computer? The class will discuss how to identify and use computer software to free up disk space on a computer's hard drive. The software will search and analyzes the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the unnecessary files. Malicious software, including rogue security software, adware, malware and spyware will be removed. Some of the software are available in both a free and a paid version.


Understanding Folders & Files (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how to organize the contents of your computer by creating folders and sub-folders. How to rename a folder and the different ways to display your list of folders and files?


Computer & Internet Security – What to do?  (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Staying safe online is essential in today's world. Learn all about online safety and get Internet safety tips. Learn about Creating Strong Passwords, Your Browser's Security Features, Avoiding Spam and Phishing, How to Avoid Malware, Safe Online Shopping.


Computer Jargon  (1 Day)  Fee: $15

What is all this computer stuff? In this class, you will receive a general introduction to the basic definitions/concepts of what is computer hardware, software, and peripheral devices.

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Intro to Windows 10 (8 Weeks)   Fee: $45

You will learn to use Windows 10, Microsoft© Edge, and Cortana, which can help you search for files and information on the web. Also covered is Finding and downloading Apps and Windows 10 email Apps. Students will learn how to work with files and folders and to save files on One Drive, a cloud storage App. Students will be shown how to back up files and fix simple problems.


Windows 10 latest Updates (1 Day)  Fee: $15

This workshop will cover several useful tips and tricks in using Windows 10. Topics of discussions will be the latest windows features, the Start screens, screen resolution, the search function, deleting unnecessary files, editing photos,  downloading YouTube videos, mail, unneeded files, and many other useful tips.


How to Personalize Windows 10 (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how to personlize your PC settings that let you change your desktop background with pictures, slideshows, windows colors, lock screen background, start menu, taskbar, themes options and more in Windows 10.

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Computer Skills to Reenter the Workforce (8 Wks.)   Fee: $45

This class will touch on the basic computer operations such as the windows operating system, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email/Outlook and the Internet. Computer classes can make a world of difference in your job credentials. Even though you may have plenty of education in your field, a refresher before heading back to work will be helpful.

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Microsoft Word 101 (8 Wks.)  Fee: $45

An introduction to Word Processing using Microsoft Word 2016. Also useful for 2007, 2010, 2013 users. This course will give a brief overview of the basic functions; Such as; create new documents, Navigation around the document, the bold, underline, italic functions, the clipboard, cut, copy, paste commands, the Quick access tool bar, move text around, discuss fonts, and tabs, Navigation pane, Format painter, templates, and a review of the major tabs.  Students should understand the basics of using a Windows-based computer, be comfortable using the keyboard and mouse.

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Basic Overview of Excel (1 Day)  Fee: $15

This class will provide a basic overview of what Excel is and will cover how to enter and format data and create spreadsheets/worksheets.


Introduction to Excel (8 Wks)  Fee: $45

Topics covered include how to enter data, format data and worksheets, create charts and print data. The student will learn to create Spreadsheets for stocks and other investments, checking accounts, household expenses. Fall 2021: Wednesday, 9/15 - 11/3, 6--8 PM  10405-09


Excel: A little more for your workbook (2 Days)  Fee: $15

Have you taken the 8-week Introduction to Excel class?  Do you wonder where to go next in your learning curve? This class will introduce some more advanced topics for the regular Excel user.  If you have a spreadsheet that you work with that you just want to do more with.... bring it!  We can use real-world examples to create questions and then solve them together. THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! 

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Review of iPad/iPhone Basics (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Bring your iPad or iPhone to review navigating between apps and screens, moving icons where you want them, notifications, and other options in the Settings app.

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Android Basics & More Fun (2 Wks.)  Fee: $15

Learn to enjoy your phone. This class will cover some basic features of the Android system such as power on/off, charging your phone, answering calls, voicemail, review the phone settings, about contacts, sending emails and pictures, the phone battery , working with maps, using the calendar, the alarm clock, Skype, Music, Bluetooth, the Internet and more.

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Facebook (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how to register and navigate on the Facebook website. You will learn how to enter Profile Information, what Facebook Buttons are used for, how to Find and Add Friends, how to Add Photos, how to Post Status Updates on Your Wall, how to Write on a Friend’s Wall and many more fun things to do with Facebook.


Buying and Selling on eBay (2 Wks.)  Fee: $15

Learn how to register and navigate on the eBay website. You will learn how to buy and sell items on eBay, as well as how to verify a seller’s credibility. A valid email address that you can access remotely in the workshop is required.


Cloud Computing or Storage (2 Days)   Fee: $15

What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? In this class, students will learn how to save and store files/folders to the “cloud”. Several of the most popular “Clouds” will be explored. These include Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.


Intro to Office 365 (DEMO ONLY)(1 Day)  Fee: $0

Are you curious about the differences that an online subscription to Office 365 will mean? Do you wonder if you will be able to recognize the familiar programs you are used to: Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.?  This will not be an instructional session, but if you have access to Office 365, you will have a chance to login and follow along with the demonstration.


Intro to Google Workspace (DEMO ONLY)(1 Day)  Fee: $0

Do you have a Gmail address?  Are you aware that you now have access to many of the features of Google Workspace? Not just email, but Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.?  Did you know that there are apps for your phone and/or iPad that allow you to access the same files/information? This will not be an instructional session, but if you have a Gmail, you will have a chance to login and follow along with the demonstration.

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How To Scan Pictures/Documents (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Each student should bring two pictures that will be scanned and copied to a flash drive, which can be taken home and used in your computer.


How to Improve and Edit your pictures (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how to use this free editing tool for image enhancement. You will be able to crop, improve lighting and colors, remove objects, make a slideshow and more. A great tool and it is free.


How to Download Pictures From Smart Phones and Cameras  (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how to get your pictures from your camera and smartphone to your computer using either the device cable, a card reader or the SD reader slot in your computer. Bring your camera or smart phone and cables to class for hands-on experience.

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Beginning Genealogy & Family History (1 Day)   Fee: $15

Learn your family history, and how to search using a variety of resources, including the internet, library, and government records. 1 Day session.


Genealogy Online (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Searching for family history online using databases and other resources available on the internet. Discover the many resources including DNA, which can be used.


DNA and Genealogy (1 Day)  Fee: $15

Learn how DNA has revolutionized the search for family in genealogy searches. Should you find what your DNA holds? What is involved? Are there any risks?

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