Offering technology classes for

the over 50 crowd (and younger)

covering a variety of topics.



You have found the newly redesigned home page of the Roswell Adult Learning Center (RALC).  Please take a look and we hope you will join us for a class during an upcoming term!

The Goal of the RALC

To provide educational services to older adults by assisting them with instruction in computers and various software, as well as other technology related topics.  

The RALC promotes the concept of seniors as computer users!

How it works

  • All RALC classes are offered in the computer classroom at the Adult Recreation Center (ARC) at Grimes Bridge Park. The Center is part of the City of Roswell's Recreation and Parks department and the building houses many programs and groups geared towards active adults. The ARC is also home to a fitness center and the Adult Aquatics Center.
  • Students can register for RALC classes by visiting the ARC and the front desk staff will assist, or they can go online to the City of Roswell's Recreation and Parks registration system.   RALC classes are located in the Active Adults area under Technology.
  • Classes cover a variety of topics and run anywhere from 1-6 class meetings. The registration fees are between $15 and $45 for all classes and include any handouts or manuals.
  • Classes are offered in three terms a year: Fall (September - November); Winter (January - March); Spring (April - June). We do not offer classes in the Summer months.
  • The classes are all taught by seniors!